Kootenays Service

Choices/ Intensive Support and Supervision Program (ISSP) Youth Justice Programs

Program Overview

The School-Based Outreach Substance program provides a continuum of intervention services including assessment, service planning, counselling, and service coordination for referred youth. The program is designed to meet the needs of youth with substance use concerns in School District 23 middle and high schools. Services focus on encouraging youth to evaluate their substance use/misuse, to examine the impact it has on their lives and to support them to make changes accordingly. Counsellors provide education on drugs and alcohol and assist youth in developing harm reduction, relapse prevention and coping strategies, and support youth to reduce substance use absenteeism, improve peer and family interactions, and reduce the risk of other significant concerns. 


How to Refer

The Changes School-Based Outreach Substance-use Counselling program accepts referrals from School District 23 middle school staff, youth, parents/caregivers, family, community members and social/health services.