Kootenay Service

Nakusp Family Support Services

Program Overview

The following Core Services are integrated components of the Nakusp Family Support and Youth Services Program:
Family Advancement Services: a short term, intensive, outcome-focused assistance to families experiencing significant difficulties with parent-child or parent-adolescent concerns.
Youth Support Services: will provide individual transitional support services to youth who are or are at risk of becoming significantly disengaged from their families or caregivers, their natural communities, pro-social activities, positive peers, and the education system. The repatriation and/or continued connection to family is a service priority.
Childcare Services (Skills Acquisition Program): this program component may involve one-on-one work with children and youth with behaviour problems and/or family conflict and could also support and enhance daily living and adaptive skills for children, youth and their families and/or caregivers.
Supervised Access Services the intent of this service will be to support children in maintaining familial contact in a positive and safe environment, reduce risk of physical/emotional harm as a result of visits with family and parents will have an increased level of understanding as to the behaviours that they present which have resulted in their visits needing to be supervised.