We understand talented professionals have choices.

At ARC Programs, we know how important it is to enjoy coming to work every day (well, okay, at least most days).

As an agency we value staff safety and wellness; we promote work-life balance; and we strive to provide staff with the training, tools and support they need to excel in their career.

Here are a few testimonials from our staff:

Professional Development
• ARC has provided me with the ability to grow professionally, through advancement within the agency, and by providing ongoing
training and professional development opportunities.
• ARC truly is a learning agency.
• I like the variety of services we provide – there are opportunities to expand my career in new directions.

Working for Clients and the Community
• I’m proud of the excellent support we provide to our clients.
• ARC is community-minded, which is important to me.
• ARC allows me to be creative with the youth I work with.
• The agency values making services work for each individual.

Staff Wellness
• ARC genuinely cares about staff wellness, and work-life balance.
• ARC Programs is the best agency I have worked for with regards to supporting self-care.
• The benefit program is excellent, as is the vacation time.

Agency Culture
• I enjoy the professional but relaxed atmosphere.
• ARC has a great agency culture! The staff are friendly, everyone gets along, and there’s a lot of laughter.
• I love that the agency has team days, and social events.
• ARC recognizes employee milestones, which really made me feel valued.

Leadership and Management
• I appreciate the trust and independence I have in my role.
• I enjoy the flexibility I have in my position with ARC Programs.
• The management team is very supportive - I always know I can call my supervisor if I need to.
• ARC is a generous and empathetic employer.

Thank-you for your interest in employment opportunities with ARC Programs!