Pediatric Speech, Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services

Meridian Rehabilitation practices target therapy to the most effective Agent of Change. Our pediatric populations tend to need guidance and support to follow programming and make the desired changes; caregivers tend to be the most effective Agents of Change in their program. The Philosophy of Practice is to target and teach the Agents of Change how to implement the program (e.g., help with transitions, help with proper pronunciation of words, help with handwriting) effectively in the home and community. Programs are designed and delivered with this Agent of Change in mind. For example, if the parents are the child’s Agents of Change, they are asked to join the therapy sessions and be active participants, learning alongside their child. It is understood that each family has a unique situation, so we work with the family to determine who is the best
Agent of Change to support their child. Working with the family and their Keyworker to develop agreed-upon goals, we break down 4 main barriers to change:
We help to create family-centered plans that will feel achievable given their unique circumstances. The (OT or SLP) therapist works with the family to organize an initial specialized assessment. After the initial assessment, the therapist writes a therapy plan that includes the child and family’s goals. The plan outlines the status and action plans for targeting the functional goals. The expectations are that a therapy plan is updated every 3 months to review goals and priorities with the child and their family.   The therapist will work with the family, Keyworker, and other involved services to develop and implement a transition support plan, as indicated by the family’s needs and preferences, as the services provided by Meridian are completed.
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